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Milk Plus Gold

What is Colostrum?

  • A milky fluid, also known as pre-milk produced by a mother's mammary gland in the first 72 hours following the birth of her child.
  • Naturally saturated with life-giving nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins (antibodies).
  • It is known to help build the human body at a deep foundation level.

Why is Colostrum so important?

Improve Gut Health

  • Restores leaky gut
  • Helps to repair damage at the intestinal lining
  • Restores gut integrity
  • Proven to control harmful bacteria such as H. pylori
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients

Boost Immune Function

  • Antibody levels in colostrum can be 100 times higher than regular milk serving
  • Specific antibodies in colostrum are effective against various enteric infectious diseases

Potent Growth Factors

  • Strengthens the tissue of the human body and stimulates rapid growth
  • Promotes repair and regeneration of muscles and new blood vessels
  • Helps in recovery and body injuries

Why CHILDREN need Nutri Milk Plus?

  • Colostrum protects children against pathogens, specifically those that cause gastroenteritis and severe diarrhea
  • Colostrum contains rich dairy proteins, growth factors, vitamins and minerals to promote bone density and help with general growth and development

Why ELDERLY need Milk Plus Gold?

  • After the age of 56, our immune antibodies (IgG) can drop down to 30-50% of the original level
  • Colostrum can replenish IgG to strengthen our physique, promote cellular growth and return functions back to health

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